Retro Sauce Squeezers
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Retro Sauce Squeezers

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    Stainless steel this; brushed aluminium that - the modern kitchen is rapidly becoming a haven for smart but unimaginative bits and bobs that would look more at home attached to a Dalek's head. Where's all the fun and colour gone? We reckon the style police have managed to convince the kitchenware-buying masses that anything remotely funky is a culinary faux pas of Ramsey-esque proportions.

    Retro Sauce Squeezers So how, we wonder, would they explain the enduring popularity of the classic tomato-shaped sauce squeezer? Back in the days when your local burger bar was the only restaurant worth going to, this iconic little sphere of squeezy plastic was the only way to dispense a good old splodge of sauce over one's grub.

    Of course, fast food outlets soon put paid to this highly-tactile design classic with their miserly little sachets, and the sauce squeezer was soon forgotten, only to resurface sporadically in episodes of Minder and Happy Days.

    Retro Sauce Squeezers
    But that was then and this is now, and you can't keep a good sauce dispenser down. That's why your sauce-loving friends here at Firebox are proud to announce the arrival of the Retro Sauce Squeezer. And best of all, as well as the tomato ketchup version, we've got our hands on the lesser-known brown sauce and mustard varieties, too!

    Retro Sauce Squeezers We'd forgotten just how brilliant Sauce Squeezers are for aiming a stream of sauce just where you need it. Forget hammering that sauce bottle and drowning your chips with an oversized splat. These things allow you to deliver your sauce perfectly, every time. You can even write your initials all over your fry-up. If you want.

    Available as a handy set of 3, the superbly chic Retro Sauce Squeezer really is the most eye-catching way to dispense your sauce, bar firing it from a high-powered water pistol and yelling 'Say 'ello to my little friend!'

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