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Retro Invader Couch
  • Retro Invader Couch

Retro Invader Couch

8-bit bench

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    close up of couch arm

    Pixel perfection

    It’s not often we get to sit on a famous ‘80s icon, unless you count our Airwolf underpants. So park yourself on the Retro Invader Couch and take a trip to a bygone era. Or better yet approach from the left, shuffle sideways, drop down a bit, shuffle the other way, drop down a bit, shuffle sideways again... because this utterly inspired home and office space-invader takes its cues from the classic 1980’s arcade game.

    Rumoured to have been such a popular button-basher when it first launched that Japan temporarily ran out of 100-yen coins, this iconic couch is no different. Because at £5500 you’ll need all the loose change you can find! But then, that’s the 1980’s for you.

    Harking back to simpler times when FPS, MMORPG, and ADHD were still alien concepts, this refreshingly blocky bench embodies everything that was big in the 80’s – bold angles, bright colours, and eye-popping price tags. Created by American industrial designer Igor Chak, it’s made using premium materials, fine leather and even memory foam cushions. In fact, each of these striking pieces of furniture is built to order in LA and then shipped to the UK (staying true to the concept of always approaching from the left).

    Front view of couch

    This couch would be ideal to furnish any games room with!

    Park a Retro Invader Couch in your lounge, lobby, games room or Flynn’s-style arcade. For the uninitiated it’s a high-quality piece of retro furniture. For 1980’s gaming geeks it’s a veritable time machine to the days where it all began. Are you sitting comfortably? Then the invasion will begin...

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