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    Retro Game Sweets
    Much as we love today’s graphically gobsmacking video games, they lack the old-school charm of classics such as Pac Man and Super Mario Bros. All those garish graphics and blippity bloppity sounds were really rather sweet.

    So much so, some bright spark has created Retro Game Sweets, a range of highly suckable sour candies that pay tribute to some of gaming’s greatest icons.

    Retro Game Sweets
    Inspired by the world’s most famous pill-chomping disc and everyone’s favourite Italian tap twiddler, these deliciously zingy sweets come in highly collectable tins shaped like characters from the world of Pac Man and Super Mario Bros. Mmm…red mushrooms!

    Retro Game Sweets
    Pac Man:
    This set consists of deliciously munchable Pac Man Pellets in a matching tin that spins to dispense its orange flavoured treats. You’ll also get a Blinky tin containing sour cherry candies OR a ‘Turned Blue’ ghost tin filled with blue raspberry candies. Wakawakawaka…munch!
    Retro Game Sweets
    Super Mario Bros:
    Order this set and you’ll receive a Super Star tin with matching candies and a Mushroom tin containing either cherry, blue raspberry or apple flavoured sours. Mamma Mia!
    Retro Game Sweets

    Sour Cherry Blinky

    We’ve no doubt you’ll scoff your sweeties faster than a rampaging Pac Man on steroids, but at least this is one gaming tie-in that won’t leave your eyes square and your thumbs blistered. (The dentist will see you now).

    Just as addictive as the games upon which they are based, Retro Game Sweets make great pressies for nostalgic gamers and anyone who appreciates the cultural impact of Pac Man and Mario. Indeed, we doubt they’ll be selling Gears of War sweeties anytime soon. And even if they do, there’s no way they’ll be as cute as these wincingly moreish delights. Pass a Blinky.

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