Retro Briefcase Turntable
  • Retro Briefcase Turntable
  • Retro Briefcase Turntable
  • Retro Briefcase Turntable

Retro Briefcase Turntable

The tables have turned

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  • Not your granddad’s turntable
  • Stand alone record player with three playing speeds
  • Built in speakers and full Bluetooth connectivity
  • Worth getting for the decoration and Insta potential alone
  • MP3 transfer for future-proofing your rarest records


Let’s be real for a minute, you’re not one of those vinyl nerds are you? Good, they’re weird - but they do have a point. Vinyl does just sound ‘better’.

Plus, records are cheaper now than ever and they look damn good around the house. Stop them from being just a pretty face with the Retro Briefcase Turntable.

Your new retro set-up will be the envy of analog snobs with its smooth play quality and three different speeds. Even the vinyl oblivious will want a piece of this bad boy when they see you seamlessly transferring your records to MP3 and blasting your favourite Spotify playlists through the bass-heavy speakers.

It’s portable so if your friends refuse to come round and marvel at your amazing purchase, you can bring the objet d’bragging to them. ‘Hey man, what’s with the sexy briefcase?’ Au contraire mon ami, it’s a sick turntable and you’re about to get #educated.

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  • "Very happy with everything about this product. "
    - 5th of December, 2018