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Resto Bottle Opener/Resealer

    Resto Bottle Opener/Resealer

    The bottle opener and sealer

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      "Resto" (Latin for 'stay put', fact fans) is an elegantly minimal design which solves the perennial problem of what to do when you find that you have opened a bottle of beer only to find that you can't finish it. (Okay, we admit that this is an entirely alien concept to us, but we accept that it is theoretically possible). More than a mere bottle opener, Resto is a bottle sealer as well! Never again will you face the horror of flat, or even worse, wasted beer!

      sealing end

      Part of the Simplicitas range, which exemplifies stylish yet functional Swedish product design, "Resto" was designed by the talented Mr Olof Söderholm, a graduate of the prestigious Beckmans School of design, and a man who understands the importance of "mastering the light-footed bubbles" in your beverage. Bless him.

      Opening end

      A chunky, cast ingot of aluminium, the Resto fits naturally in the hand and features cutaway '+' and '-' icons, which will help you remember which end to use as you get progressively more addled. If you find that your thirst is satisfied (or you have double vision) but the bottle isn't empty, just add the cap to your bottle, snap in on with your thumb, and reseal it with your Resto. Hey Presto!

      Resto in hand

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