Resistor R/C Plane

    Resistor R/C Plane

    Be magnificent, man, with this flying machine!

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      New for 2004 - an updated version of the best-selling Intruder r/c plane!

      Most remote controlled planes cost nearly as much as the real thing, and you need an honours degree in aeronautics to fly 'em. Not so the Resistor. This ingenious, robustly-constructed entry-level R/C plane is perfect for wannabe pilots everywhere. (Leather goggles not included).

      The main snag with most toy planes is that as soon as you get them to go up-diddly-up-up, they usually come crashing down-diddly-own-down. And let's face it, along with tripping up the kerb and stepping in something you shouldn't, this can be seriously embarrassing no matter how old you are. But the lightweight yet durable Resistor is so easy to get to grips with you'll be pulling off fancy manoeuvres and landing smoothly before you know it. The aircraft itself is launched by hand, but once underway you command the action via a simple radio control unit. A single toggle switch controls direction while a one-touch UP control causes the aircraft to climb.

      To land the Resistor you simply press the DOWN button. Easy eh? And far more practical than waiting for your flying machine to nosedive into the ground - which is unlikely anyway as the Resistor's on-board computer ensures that it lands automatically should it stray out of range. Talking of which, the Resistor boasts an impressive 300ft range, so you'll have plenty of airspace in which to pull off some spectacularly tasty aerobatics.

      Resistor: docking station

      Charging the Resistor is a simple case of clicking it onto its docking station for three minutes. The Resistor also features beginner and advanced mode settings (giving graduated or sharp turns), so losing it on its maiden flight is about as likely as taking off on time with a charter airline. Once airborne this really is a truly magnificent flying machine. In fact, with the possible exception of the Frisbee, we think Resistor is the most entertaining non-terra firma plaything ever invented. So place your orders – these are gonna fly!

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