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Reservoir Dogs Pencil Set
  • Reservoir Dogs Pencil Set

Reservoir Dogs Pencil Set

Are you gonna bark all day little doggie, or are you gonna write?

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  • Six foil-printed pencils named after the dysfunctional gang of "professionals"
  • Celebrate Tarantino's classic debut
  • Mr. White is in fact the father of Jimmie from Pulp Fiction and Mr. Blonde (Vic Vega) is the brother of Vince Vega from Pulp Fiction. It's all bloody connected!


You can't pick your own colours. Never mind what you think Mr. Brown sounds like.

No you can't swap the Mr. Pink pencil for a Mr. Purple one, that pencil is in another set. No way. We pick. You've got Mr. Pink. Be thankful you've not got Mr. Yellow.

Look, we tried it once, it doesn't work. You got four guys fighting over the Mr. Black pencil.

Hey! Nobody's trading with anybody.

Now listen up. There's two ways you can go with this Reservoir Dogs Pencil Set. Our way or the highway. Now what's it gonna be?

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