Reserved Beach Towel
  • Reserved Beach Towel

Reserved Beach Towel

Keep your cool by the pool

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    The early bird catches the worm, right? At Firebox we’re pretty much certain this phrase was made to describe the uber-organised vacationer, you know, those infamous pool pests that snap up the best spots by the poolside while you’re still in the land of nod, or snatch your sunbed while you’ve nipped off to fetch another beer & hotdog combo. Arggh, it’s enough to send the most laidback lounger into a Christian Bale-style ranting rage.

    We know that poolside politics is a very tricky business, but luckily we’ve found the perfect solution, in the shape of the Reserved Beach Towel! This ingenious 100% cotton beach towel speaks for itself, as the words RESERVED are printed in black bold text against a white background and, surrounded by a black frame. Getting the message? Now everyone else will too, as you can safely save your spot by the pool, without worrying about some sneaky sunbather stealing it.

    You’ll either be the envy or utter embarrassment of your friends, as you take the hilarious Reserved Beach Towel to the poolside or beach, or hang it out on the balcony so other guests know not to mess. Ideal for witty sun-worshippers and continental control-freaks, grab the Reserved Beach Towel along with your travel essentials this year for some holiday hijinks and more importantly, never lose your cool at the pool.

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