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Renovo USB Photo Scanner
  • Renovo USB Photo Scanner

Renovo USB Photo Scanner

Thanks for the memories

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    Digitise 6x4 photos in a trice

    You’ve seen countless scanners that convert old photos into digital files, so what’s so special about the Renovo Photo Scanner? Prepare to be amazed because this compact gizmo whooshes your pics directly onto an SD card without a computer.

    Impressed? You should be because thanks to this mains-powered miracle you can digitise 6x4 photos in a trice. Simply plop in an SD, MMS or MS card, feed your pics into its waiting gob and…well, that’s it. Snaps are archived as 2 megapixel JPEGs, so you can store them on digital gizmos or upload them to the web so we can all have a laugh at the ludicrous lederhosen you wore as a kid.


    Reverse side

    With no computer required, the Renovo can convert photos anywhere there’s a plug socket – round at your nan’s, down the pub or even in your neighbour’s kitchen when you want a secret digital copy of his wife in a bikini. Did we just type that out loud? Whoops.

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