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Remote Control Desk Pets

Ready, pet, go!

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    Using remote to control skitterbot

    Watch Skitterbot race away

    Pets in the office are all well and good, but who’s got time for all that feeding and walking? Plus, they do their business when you least expect it. What’s much better is a pet you can control, won’t demand treats and won’t poop in the plant pot. That’s why these new Remote Control Desk Pets are the perfect solution to your pet-friendly entertainment needs.

    These speedy little robots travel at an incredible 1 foot per second and with no batteries required, are charged by USB and controlled by a 5 button USB controller & charger.

    Charging Skitterbot via remote

    Charge via remote

    Great for adults and kids alike, Remote Control Desk Pets can be controlled to move forward, backwards, left, right and to stop with amazing life-like movement, and you’ll get around 15 minutes of continuous play from a 30 minute charge.

    Skitterbot is a menacing little six legged fella available in two different colours and frequencies, so you can challenge friends and colleagues to battle. Their eyes even glow red, so a night-time Skitterbot Skirmish is even better!

    Skitterbot: Blue Skitterbot: Clear Trekbot: Black Trekbot: Clear

    Skitterbot Blue

    Skitterbot Clear

    Trekbot Black

    Trekbot Clear

    Trekbot is a wheeled stunt bot that can also perform flips, tricks and headstands via the USB remote control. Like Skitterbot, two colours are available for battles and wheelies. These little show-offs are great toys for office robot wars amongst all you competitive types.

    Remote Control Desk Pets are guaranteed to entertain colleagues and friends, but beware, these are highly addictive and just remember, never, ever beat the boss.

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