Relax & Unwind Package
  • Relax & Unwind Package

Relax & Unwind Package

A token of your attention

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    Chocolate Bath Box

    Run the bath...

    Despite what some people think, Valentine’s Day isn’t about lavishing your special someone with gifts. Sometimes a bit of thought and a little effort can go much further. So this Feb 14th, instead of falling back on the old chestnuts of chocolate and flowers, why not give them more than tokens of affection and lavish them with attention, too.

    What are we talking about? Our Relax & Unwind Package, of course! Specially created for Valentine’s Day, it’s the perfect gift for anyone feeling stressed, tense, overworked or underappreciated. But these gifts can’t just be given away. They need your input!

    Relax & Unwind Package

    Set the mood...

    Here’s how it works. First of all, surprise your Valentine by running a nice hot bath and presenting them with the beautiful Chocolate Bath Box. Then leave them to while away as many happy hours as they like, soaking in the tub and enjoying these rich, decadent bath salts.

    While they’re busy kicking back, transform your bedroom or living room into a hub of tranquility with a set of Vanilla Mooncandles – battery powered and programmed to flicker just like real candles, you needn’t have to worry about dripping hot wax on the carpet or setting fire to the curtains.

    Relax & Unwind Package

    then massage!

    When your special someone finally emerges from the bathroom, looking suitably relaxed (and hopefully not like an elbow), it’s then your moment to shine. Use the sleek-looking Kneader to work every tense knot and aching muscle you can find in a relaxing, indulgent full body massage. No not on yourself – on them!

    Simple, thoughtful, indulgent and generous, the Relax & Unwind Package offers your other half everything they could hope for on Valentine’s Day. And feel free to take all the credit – it’s all part of our Valentine SOS service!

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