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Reindeer Pate

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    Reindeer What with vegetarianism becoming rather passé in recent years, the race has been hotting up to find increasingly exotic fare for carnivores. Because let's face it, beef has been beset with problems of late, whilst chicken now costs an arm (or should that be wing?) and a leg, as canny supermarket bosses have cottoned on to the fact that poultry is now the tofu of choice for pretend vegans everywhere.

    With this in mind, our good friends at Edible have been busy scouring the world for alternative forms of flesh for you to drool over. And strangely enough, it was in Sweden - the land of Abba, 'special interest' films and Volvos - that they discovered their latest delicious offering.

    A Sami Woman, yesterday Reindeer Paté is, as you might have guessed, paté made from Reindeer meat, which has one of the lowest fat content of any red meats - a mere 2%. The Reindeer are farmed by Sami herdsman and live on a healthy (if somewhat bland) diet of moss and lichen. Nobody ever heard of mad reindeer disease.

    And before any of you guilt-ridden moaning minnies start harping on about how cute Reindeer are, take a long hard look at Babe, Larry the Lamb and Foghorn Leghorn, and then reconsider your position.
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