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Red Wine Tea
  • Red Wine Tea
  • Red Wine Tea
  • Red Wine Tea
  • Red Wine Tea

Red Wine Tea

You had me at merlot

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  • A full-bodied, velvety red wine flavoured tea
  • Alcohol free (and therefore hangover free!)
  • Loose leaf for a superior infusion
  • With elderberries, currants and hibiscus petals
  • Blended in small batches by artisans in Canada


Red wine is fab - that goes without saying. But we could all occasionally do with a break from the liver punishment and bad decisions that can arise from an empty green bottle or two.

This tea tastes and smells like an exquisite heady merlot, but with none of the booze. Pop a few teaspoons in a teapot and get ready for a boozy, all-natural brew without the headaches, dodgy stained mouth and impulsivity that the real red stuff usually creates.

Maybe it’s not yet socially acceptable to wander around a party with a cup of tea, but they won’t be laughing when they wake up in their ex’s bed with manky purple teeth and the worst hangover of their adult lives. Meanwhile you’re strolling around, carefree, with an un-stressed liver and a warm sense of bliss. Checkmate, real wine.
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