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Red Rocket Rudolph Christmas Jumper

Hung like a stocking

Product not available at the moment.
  • Heavy and warm, like a lingering hug from Saint Nick himself
  • Traditional design with a cheeky twist. Tacky to the core
  • Featuring Rudolph the red-piped reindeer
  • Hand-knitted by mucky grandmas (maybe)
  • Extremely limited quantities available
Is there a more striking and recognisable Christmas image than a certain reindeer and his large, throbbing, glowing, red-tipped sniffer? Absolutely not.

If horses are anything to go by then this well-endowed portrayal of "Rude-olph" probably isn't far from the truth. And with this shameless festive phallus emblazoned across your belly, you're guaranteed to bring joy and laughter to all you meet.

Shake things up at your Christmas lunch with these highly limited edition jumpers. They're chunky and warm and triumphantly transcend the boundaries of 'tacky Christmas sweater' (just about) and enter the lofty realms of 'mildly inappropriate masterpiece!'

Christmas comes but once a year so make sure you look the part.

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