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Record Your Own Bicycle Bell
  • Record Your Own Bicycle Bell

Record Your Own Bicycle Bell

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    Record Your Own Bicycle Bell

    Record an appropriate message

    Cyclists, are you sick of ringing your bell and no one taking a blind bit of notice? Tired of yelling at pedestrians who step into the road without looking? Well shake them out of their jaywalking stupor with Record Your Own Bicycle Bell. As the name suggests, this handy bit of kit will allow you to pre-record a message up to 20 seconds long and play it back at the touch of a button.

    So far so gimmicky, but wait! This powerful bell plays back your message at an attention-grabbing 80db. So now they’ll be sure to hear you say ‘Excuse me!’, ‘Watch out!’, or ‘I like your shoes!’ as you pass. Better yet, why not pre-record one of your favourite attention-grabbing sounds? Tests outside Firebox HQ have shown that a car horn, train whistle, sudden dog bark and screeching tyres work particularly well. Mua-ha-haa.

    Record Your Own Bicycle Bell

    Play it at a push of a button

    But in case you need to warn people of your approach (and your pre-recorded Godzilla roar isn’t appropriate) the bell can also emit a piercing 80db beep. Mounted to your handlebars, the compact design is easy to use, easy to fit and can be removed in a flash. So forget your old-school tinny ringer – Record Your Own Bicycle Bell will get you noticed for all the right reasons.

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