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Recharge Battery Mug
  • Recharge Battery Mug

Recharge Battery Mug

I need some juice!

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    Andy on the couch with his Recharge Battery Mug

    Andy fully recharged

    Forget all that stuff about responsibility – with great power comes gadgets! Satnavs, mobiles, laptops… you name it. But when all of this power runs out, they all stop working. And the same goes for us too.

    So while you’re busy charging up your technobobbins, be sure to fuel up yourself with the Recharge Battery Mug. Printed in thermographic ink, the battery on the side of this magical mug turns green when you add hot water – going from completely sapped to full of life in seconds.

    As you drink your brew the green will slowly disappear, until, once again, you’re left with a dud – a handy visual cue for anyone passing your desk on the way to the kettle.

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