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Real Driver RC Car
  • Real Driver RC Car

Real Driver RC Car

Blink and you'll mi...

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    We see a lot of RC cars here at Firebox, but nothing has ever brought our offices to a standstill like the awe-inspiring Real Driver. Strange, as this brutish-looking beast doesn't talk, fly, guess what you're thinking, or even sprout Wacky Races-style comedy stilts. What it does do, however, is go like the proverbial clappers.

    Yes, speed freaks, the beautifully-engineered Real Driver is one of the fastest battery-powered RC cars on the planet, and can reach scale speeds of up to 186mph!

    That's a real speed of 18mph - which, on a car this size, makes the combined efforts of every supercar you've ever seen seem positively sluggish. We're talking Santa Pod fast here, folks!

    As well as its searing straight line speed the Real Driver features an incredibly realistic drifting action. This means you can powerslide through corners in order to catch the apex. It takes a little practice but once you get the hang of it you'll be slicing through turns like Schumacher on steroids. Seriously powerful brakes and ultra-responsive steering ensure you don't wipe out too often, but if you do, Real Driver's hefty foam bumpers will soften the blow.

    To add to the realism, this sturdy red and chrome rocket is controlled via a unique paddle-shift steering wheel transmitter. There are even four gears to play with, including reverse, so you can shift down, accelerate and chuck the car into a Dukes of Hazzard-style backwards doughnut. Yee-ha!

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