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Ready to Cook BBQ Bucket
  • Ready to Cook BBQ Bucket

Ready to Cook BBQ Bucket

I want to cook... here!

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    Bring your BBQ to the beach, the park or wherever you want to go!

    There are two ways to make an instant barbecue. The first is with the Ready to Cook BBQ Bucket. The second is with twigs, matches, petrol and a kaboom. However, if you’re partial to keeping your eyebrows we’d recommend the Ready to Cook BBQ Bucket.

    Doubling as a compact barbecue and place to keep your essential kit, this charming design from Sophie Conran has everything you need for a barbie on the beach, in the park, at a campsite, or just down the bottom of the garden. The collection includes a 500g sack charcoal, a box of matches, soft-grip handle all-purpose tongs and a recipe booklet.

    Recipe booklet? (Derisive snort) As if you’d need something like that! A burger’s a burger, right? Wrong. Flick through the pages of this handy manual and you might just stretch your repertoire beyond blackened beef.

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