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Read This If You Want To Take Great Photographs Of People

Boom! Head shot

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  • Become the photographer you were born to be
  • The quickest way to improve your ability to shoot people
  • Covers composition, context, the psychology of light and more
  • Full of easy-to-digest technical tips and tricks
  • Accompanied by examples from well-known photographers
  • Isn't full of dull graphs or tedious photography jargon
When it comes to capturing great photos of people, there's an awful lot more to it than yelling at them to "say cheese". Whether you're looking to nail those classic posed portrait shots or want to produce something a little more candid – Read This If You Want To Take Great Photographs Of People.

This isn't a mere instruction manual filled with graphs and mind-numbing camera jargon, this is the most concise and fun way to improve your ability to shoot people (in a purely photographic sense).

The book is divided into seven sections Composition, Context, The Gaze, Control, The Street, Black and White or Colour and The Psychology of Light.. To illustrate these various ideas and techniques, each chapter is accompanied by striking and inspiring images from well-known photographers.

On top of this there is heaps of straightforward guidance for basic lighting set-ups, equipment, camera modes and more. There's even a handy section full of useful advice regarding legal rights when it comes to taking photographs of people.

If you're looking to take better photos of people, look no further.

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