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ReCover iPhone4 Case
  • ReCover iPhone4 Case

ReCover iPhone4 Case

It’s for you... it’s the past!

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    Close up of the camera hole

    Hole for the camera lens

    Now all the hubbub has died down around the iPhone 4 and using it has become as everyday as making a cup of tea, you might just finding yourself itching to make yours a little bit more, well... you. After all, no one could have known that by this time everyone and their dog would have one. How do you stand out from the crowd now?

    One way is with the tongue-in-cheek ReCover iPhone4 Case – a great way to protect your snazzy Apple gadget and give it a retro makeover at the same time.

    Game Controller Calculator Camera

    Game Controller



    This handy iPhone protector is printed with a range of iconic retro and vintage designs. Choose from the old-school Calculator, Game Controller, or Camera designs. Each one is a nostalgic wink to bygone technology, but still gives you full access to all the iPhone’s incredible features. The past is calling... will you answer it?

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