Razor RipRider 360
  • Razor RipRider 360

Razor RipRider 360

Fast and furious: tricycle drift

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    life style child on riprider

    Pull off a daring drift!

    Made for kids of all ages, the Razor RipRider 360 is ludicrously good fun (we have the videos to prove it). At first glance it looks just like any other pedal-powered trike, but this cool three-wheeler has a nifty, drifty trick up its sleeve.

    Rather than the usual pram wheels on the back, the RipRider 360 boasts a pair of free-spinning casters (like a shopping trolley). What does this mean? Well, it makes no difference to pedalling in a straight line, but as soon as you try and corner the back end goes all over the place! Brilliantly unexpected the first time, but great fun once you’ve mastered it; skilled RipRiders will soon be taking corners like they’re in a sideways-drifting rally car and pulling off 360 spins with ease!

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