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Razer Nostromo Expert Keypad
  • Razer Nostromo Expert Keypad

Razer Nostromo Expert Keypad

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    front view

    All that power at your fingertips

    Ready, and... attack! Oh wait, I’ve pressed 9. I didn’t mean to do that. Take control of your PC gaming (and avoid any embarrassing misfires) with the Razer Nostromo Expert Keypad. Fully programmable, it puts all of the essential buttons right at your fingertips.

    Sleek and portable, this 16 button USB keypad works as the left side of your keyboard by default. Perfect if you’re into MMORPG or FPS games – especially if you’re trying to play on a clunky laptop keypad. But it gets better!

    profile view

    The Nostromo Expert Keypad is shaped to your hand is fully adjustable to provide comfort when in use

    light up keys and scroll wheel

    Light up keys are perfect for those late night gaming sessions

    Install the software provided and you can assign a different function to every single key. What’s more, you can save up to 8 different profiles at a time and toggle through them; even while you’re play!

    The soft touch rubberised keypad supports your palm and takes pressure off your wrist. Which comes in really handy during those late-night gaming marathons. Plus, it’s adjustable to suit all hand types. With all of these features, the Nostromo is all set to raise your game – making you faster, more responsive and better equipped for any situation.

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