Razer Abyssus Gaming Mouse
  • Razer Abyssus Gaming Mouse

Razer Abyssus Gaming Mouse

Steady your crosshairs

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    adjustable settings on underside

    Switch settings quickly and easily

    Using a mouse that’s crammed with buttons, toggles, roller wheels and adjustable bits can be a godsend for gamers. But with so much to remember, it can also really get in the way of a good time. So with this in mind we’ve tracked down the Razer Abyssus Gaming Mouse.

    Created with gamers in mind, this stylish mouse has been stripped right back to basics. However, each of the remaining features has been refined and upgraded to give you the greatest possible gaming performance.


    Classic 3 button design

    Indeed, with a classic three button setup you’d be forgiven for mistaking this for any other mouse. But beneath Abyssus’ sleek black shell, Razer have hidden a wealth of high tech wizardry, including a 3500dpi Razer Precision™ 3.5G Infrared Sensor. More than a match for most mice, it tracks even the tiniest of movements from your hand, giving you pinpoint accuracy and greater control over your movement.

    The three generously-sized buttons give a sturdy, tactile feel; so rapid firing is an absolute doddle. And if you have different graphics settings for different games you can quickly adjust between 450/1800/3500dpi and 125/1000Hz polling rates with the toggles under the mouse. So there’s no need to break away from the action to go monkeying about with your settings.

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