Ray Gun Nose Trimmer

Set faces to stun

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Ray Gun Nose Trimmer
  • Vital mens grooming tool meets powerful space-age weaponry
  • Administer a swift and painless death to invading nose hairs
  • Pull the trigger and blast those bogey-ridden bristles into oblivion
  • "Laser hair removal" at a fraction of the high-street price
Captain's Log. Stardate 2016. We've landed in a curious new world overgrown with dense nasal foliage. Large golden boulders are strewn about the place and there's a soft whistling wind in the air. We're beginning to have breathing difficulties and Captain Pick-hard has injured himself. Back-up has been requested. We'll be fine as soon as our ship beams down the Ray Gun Nose Trimmer.

Back to the real world for a moment... Whether you like it or not, there will come a time in your life when your nose hairs need to be kept in check. Make sure you're properly armed for the occasion. Don't let it come to this: "Sorry pal you've got a bit of a bogey up y... oh no it's just a clump of your horrendous nostril hair".

Perhaps you know someone else who is in desperate need of a nasal purge? Either way, no one deserves to spend their mornings grimacing in front of the mirror, sadistically plucking out their nose hairs one after another. Just pull the trigger on this futuristic shooter and blast those stubborn bristles into oblivion.

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2 Reviews

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  • "Flash Gordon awesome."
    John - 15th of November, 2016
  • "My Dads nose and ears have never looked more dapper!"
    Georgia - 24th of June, 2016