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Ray Gun Channel Changer
  • Ray Gun Channel Changer

Ray Gun Channel Changer

Zap the tat

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    Ray Gun Remote

    Program your Ray Gun Remote!

    Everyone loves TV. Everyone loves sci-fi. And everyone loves those ridiculous ray guns toted by a slew of rubbish actors throughout the 50s. With this triumvirate of facts firmly in mind, please remove your fishbowl helmet, do a ridiculous fist on chest salute and kneel before the all-powerful Ray Gun Remote.

    Fashioned to resemble a ray gun from some crummy old sci-fi B-movie, this comedy remote is ideal for all you space outlaws who have a love/hate relationship with the magic rectangle. Simply point it at the telly and pull the trigger. Then before you can say 'Take me to your leader' the channel changes up or down, depending on how you've set-up the pistol's sensor. There's even an accompanying zapping noise.

    Ray Gun Remote

    Take me to your leader!

    Compatible with most TVs, the battery-operated Ray Gun Remote can be programmed to control one function from your regular remote, be it channel down, volume up, power off - whatever. Sadly it can't incinerate wooden actors or frazzle pathetic space monsters. That said, thanks to its realistic styling, you can almost hear that wobbly 'woo-oo-eee' theremin music and picture those woeful actors and shoddy sets.

    Ray Gun Remote

    If retro sci-fi fantasies aren't your particular crater of gloop, you can always sit back and think of famous ray gun wielders such as Duck Dodgers, Flash Gordon, Marvin Martian and the bloke off Plan 9 from Outer Space. Failing that you can sit around twirling your zapper, pretending the Martians are coming while your mum makes your tea.

    Our supreme omnipotent leader here on the Planet Firebox has commanded us to make certain this daft channel blipper becomes a must-have accessory amongst slothful Shatnerologists everywhere. And that means you, doesn't it? So cease being a pathetic Earthling and hit the Buy button before we dispatch our entire saucer fleet (read hub caps on bits of string) to vaporise you into oblivion.

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