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Raw Fear
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Raw Fear

Not for those of a nervous disposition

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    Let's get one thing straight: the Raw Fear Box Set is proper scary. So much so we're writing this with all the lights on humming the tune to SpongeBob. (Well, anything to lighten the mood).

    Raw Fear


    But even if you're a total sceptic who eats apparitions for breakfast, we guarantee Raw Fear will have you crying for your mummy before you can say 'I see dead people'. That's because this gruesome bundle of goodies has been specifically created to scare the pants off you and your guests.

    Firstly there's the FX CD, a disc containing various nightmarish noises: Blair Witch-style rustling, discordant church bells, ominous chanting, distant screams - you name it. But here's the good bit: the sounds are designed to go off at random intervals. Simply shove in the CD, press play, slip out of the room and watch the terror unfold. Woo-ooo-ooh!

    Raw Fear

    Scary Sound FX

    Raw Fear

    Scary Soundtrack!

    Next up there's the Raw Fear Soundtrack CD, a compilation of goose bump-inducing original music inspired by the scariest horror movies in history. And we're not talking daft, Monster Mash-style ditties; this is genuinely unsettling, Salem's-Lot-standard-of-scariness stuff that will send shivers down your spine. We dare you to play it alone without soiling your undercrackers.

    Raw Fear

    Take notes from the dead!

    Raw Fear

    Best read before bed!

    Last but by no means least there's the Raw Fear Experience booklet, a terrifying tome filled with ghost stories, urban legends, ghost hunting tips and most haunted maps - all interspersed with creepy photographs by world-renowned supernatural photographer Simon Marsden. Read this out loud with the CDs playing in the background and you might have to call Ghostbusters.

    Perfect for Halloween shindigs, the Raw Fear Box Set really is the ultimate horror experience. We'll even throw in a blindfold with scary glow-in-the-dark eyes so you can play creepy party games. Hang on... what was that noise? Aargh!!

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