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Rathergood Plushies

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    Rathergood Plushies

    Ninja Kitten:
    Ninjitsu master

    Cuddly toys used to be, erm, cuddly. You know, cute ikkle teddy bears and huggable bunny wunnies. But not any more, because post millennial soft toy fans prefer their squashy companions to be a bit different. A bit alternative. A bit 'out there'. Step forward Rathergood Plushies.

    If you've got one of those interweb thingies (and seeing as you're reading this, we'll assume you have) you'll recognise these bizarre blighters from several well-known viral movies and ads. That's right, the Rathergood gang are those surreal characters that always seem to prompt the question 'why?' whenever and wherever they pop up.

    Rathergood Plushies

    Spong Monkey:
    Literal lunatic

    And that's hardly surprising because Spongmonkey, Ninja Kitten and Viking Kitten make the combined output of Salvador Dali, David Lynch and Vic Reeves look totally rational. Utterly hat stand, each Rathergood Plush Doll has been lovingly crafted by an egg-laying sausagemeat telephone in a crab factory just outside the Planet Pea Soup. See, we told you they were surreal.

    Rathergood Plushies

    Viking Kitten:
    Nordic warrior

    They might be weird but we guarantee you'll fall in love with your Rathergood Plush the second you give it a hug. And even if you don't do hugs, each doll has enough "what the #*!~?" factor to add a touch of lunacy to any desktop scenario.

    But which one to buy, we hear you ask? Well, Viking Kitten is a fearsome Norse warrior who loves to pillage and plunder with his felt axes; Ninja Kitten strikes a funky ninja pose in his removable stealth costume, and Spongmonkey is a moon-loving thingamabob with a weighted beanie bottom that allows him to sit up and put the world to rights. Hmmm…

    Rathergood Plushies
    Still confused? You should be, because as well as being ludicrously cool, Rathergood Plushies are unlike anything you've ever seen - and that's exactly why we reckon the plush-purchasing public will go gaga over 'em. So hurry up and hit Buy before the whole world goes bonkers…in a Rathergood way!

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