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Rapid Fire Hawk Rifle
  • Rapid Fire Hawk Rifle
  • Rapid Fire Hawk Rifle
  • Rapid Fire Hawk Rifle

Rapid Fire Hawk Rifle

For fighting and for fun

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    When it comes to inter-office warfare, boing-ing rubber bands at your enemies simply won't do in this day and age. The squidgy foam dart is now the ammo du jour, and the weapon with which to shoot it is the ingenious Rapid Fire Hawk Rifle.

    This clip-fed fun gun is one of the most entertaining pretend hand cannons ever devised because it features a bolt-action cocking mechanism that ejects empty shells - just like those standard issue US Army rifles in the movies.

    Reloading the gun

    This allows all you lone gunmen (and gunwomen) to squeeze off one accurate shot at a time, so you can make a complete Private Joker of yourself – cranking the mechanism back and forth in a mucho-macho fashion and leaving a trail of empty shells in your wake.

    Okay, we know the Rapid Fire Hawk Rifle doesn't look particularly authentic but who cares when you can fire six foam darts without stopping to reload? Simply crank the sturdy lever back and forth and another squidgy slug (complete with casing) is loaded and the previous casing is ejected. Realistic? You can almost hear ‘1, 2, 3, 4, United States Marine Corps!’ each time you hit a rival rifleman... sorry, we mean static target.

    With a range of around 20-25ft, the Rapid Fire Hawk Rifle is ideal for storming enemy positions and/or chasing sales reps out of the office. It's also great for shooting tin cans off the hickory stump - well okay, paper cups off the photocopier.

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