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Rapid Fire Foam Disc Shooter

    Rapid Fire Foam Disc Shooter

    Wannabe Rambos rejoice!

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      When Arnie lumbered into that ammo store and demanded an Uzi 9 millimetre, a phased plasma pulse-laser and a Remington 1100 Autoloader, he inexplicably forgot to purchase a Rapid Fire Foam Disc Shooter.

      Weird, because this fantastically fun weapon is capable of accurately picking off work colleagues from over 20ft away, and won't get you into half as much trouble as the aforementioned shooters. What's more, it emits "interesting" sound effects and comes complete with 2 clips (40 discs in total), so its workmate/boss/pet irritation factor is truly immeasurable. Simply pull back the switch, let rip with the trigger and watch mayhem unfold.

      Rapid Fire Foam Disc Shooter

      The rapid-fire function means shooting all over the office quickly and efficiently has never been easier, and 4xAA batteries are all you need to power up your trusty weapon. We're talking serious state-of-the-art bang bang here.

      Rapid Fire Foam Disc Shooter Conducting indoor battles is clean and safe with the Rapid Fire, as the harmless little discs are more likely to stun rather than sting, and are incapable of knocking over hefty/valuable items. That said, a few well-aimed discs should just about slop the contents of a precariously perched plastic cup all over your enemy's work. What a weapon! The only thing you have to do now is ask yourself one question: D'ya feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?

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