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    As any smarty pants will tell you, solving puzzles is all about logic. That's why we've taken the logical step of tearing our hair out and yelling profanities as we attempt to solve Ramisis. Part two of a ludicrously challenging five-part series, this perplexing pyramid is the sequel to Isis - the cryptic orb that caused many a clever clogs to reach for the sledgehammer in sheer frustration - and it's just as infuriating.

    But good things come to those who wait, because solving this verging-on-impossible puzzle unlocks the light within, revealing riddles and clues leading to real and virtual pyramids around the globe. And here's the good bit: the pyramids contain silver and gold coins worth thousands of pounds. Ra! It's just like the Da Vinci Code without the rubbish ending.

    Ramisis itself is a beautiful, hand-crafted alloy pyramid with five rotating layers. We'd love to tell you what you're supposed to do but we haven't worked that out yet. Apparently mystery and intrigue are key elements of this ongoing adventure. Aargh! What we do know is Ramisis contains the second of four keys required to complete your epic quest.

    Bamboozled? You should be because this enigma-rammed brain-mangler makes rival puzzles seem as vexing as putting your pants on your head. In fact, just like its predecessor, Ramisis is one of the most enthralling, mesmerising, infuriating, take-over-your-life puzzles in the history of the universe. Even if you fail to fully unlock the mystery, we guarantee you'll be caught up in the whole immersive experience within seconds of getting your mitts on this intriguing pyramid. It really is impossible to put down, especially when you think of all that lovely lolly hiding out there. Let the adventure continue.

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