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Rainbow Twizzlers
  • Rainbow Twizzlers

Rainbow Twizzlers

Bite off a bit of Americana

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    Close up of the twizzles

    Colourful tasty twizzles!

    Unless you grew up in the States, you’ve probably never heard of Twizzlers. But the creators of these tough, chewy, fruity sweets have actually been manufacturing them for over 150 years! So why haven’t we seen them over here? Well, we don’t know. But with them popping up in all sorts of classic movies (keep your eyes peeled; it happens a lot) we thought it was about time we shared the fun.

    Rainbow Twizzlers come in all sorts of flavours. Choose from strawberry, orange, lemonade, watermelon, blue raspberry or grape. Each 20cm stick has a spiralling pattern and hollow middle. Bite off a piece at a time, let it dangle out of your mouth, or eat it whole. There’s no set way to enjoy a Twizzler; although with six in each pack we’d recommend with friends.
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