Rainbow Rage

Show your true colours

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  • Think you know all the colours of the rainbow?
  • How about when they're shuffled over and over again?
  • Spot the colours that have swapped and grab the correct stack
  • Win bricks and race to build your own majestic rainbow
  • Co-created with Radio 1 DJ & TV presenter, Matt Edmondson
  • Guaranteed to inspire some very colourful language
The sight of a rainbow is usually a cause for joyous celebration (just ask Yosemitebear62). Not this one, this shifty little Rainbow is guaranteed to cause a hefty downpour of anguish followed by some exceedingly colourful language.

Rainbow Rage is the latest and most hectic Big Potato game to date; co-created with charismatic Radio 1 DJ and Xtra Factor presenter, Matt Edmondson. Flip over a rainbow card to begin and then race to find the colours that have swapped places. Spot the colour and grab the correct stack to win bricks and build your own majestic rainbow to victory.

Be sure to keep an eye out for real rainbows – spot one, yell "RAINBOW!" and win a block of your choice. Get it wrong and lose everything. You'd think that a game centred around rainbows would have a little more time for light reflection, but this is a frenetic scramble that puts your memory, sanity and 'grabbing' skills to the ultimate test.

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