Rainbow Neon Wall Light
  • Rainbow Neon Wall Light
  • Rainbow Neon Wall Light
  • Rainbow Neon Wall Light

Rainbow Neon Wall Light

Always chasing rainbows

We Love this light!
Not to pick favourites - we love all of our neon children equally, obvs - but this is probably our best neon light. Look at it! It's a rainbow! It's got all the colours! Wonderful.

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Rainbow Neon Wall Light
Love it as much as we do?
  • Rainbow neon goodness
  • Mount this light on your wall for instant retro chic
  • Why wait for the sun and rain to get their sh*t together?
  • Going to sleep in pitch darkness is overrated anyway


What have you got on your wall currently? That art deco ‘chat noir’ poster? Bob Marley smiling into the distance? Van Gogh’s starry night? Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffany’s? You’re better than that.*

Replace them all with this gorgeous retro rainbow neon light. Setting it up is stupidly easy, just plug it in via the included cable and easily mount it on the wall - or pop it on the shelf if you’re lazy / paranoid about getting your deposit back in full, it’s free standing!

Transform your boring bedroom into an upmarket dive bar (#oxymoron) with serious ‘80s vibes for less than the cost of a… renovation.

*Bonus points if you have that one of all the naked ladies with various Pink Floyd album covers painted onto their backs. Grow up.

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