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Rainbow In My Room
  • Rainbow In My Room

Rainbow In My Room

Pot of gold not included

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    Rainbow In My Room

    Ideal nightlight for
    kids bedrooms

    Although we're not entirely sure how rainbows are formed we do know kids adore them. And that's why we've been searching for a way to recreate them indoors. Regrettably, despite seconds of experimentation, our in-house boffins have proven utterly useless, so thanks heavens for Rainbow In My Room.

    Rainbow In My Room

    LED lights recreate the
    colours of a real rainbow

    With a flick of its switch this neat electronic gizmo projects an awe-inspiring rainbow across walls and ceilings, so perfect for kids, new-age hippies and fans of meteorological phenomena. You can almost hear the pixies giggling, the leprechauns leaping and the chorus from Age of Aquarius the second you feast your eyes on this multicoloured arc of magic.

    Rainbow In My Room

    Altogether now... 'Somewhere over the...'

    Despite a conspicuous lack of involvement from Zippy, George and Bungle, this is one Rainbow that's definitely worth gawping at. Put it on a bedside table and kids can use it as an enchanting nightlight or simply stare in wonder as the rainbow soars across the room.

    Rainbow In My Room

    Mode switch

    As well as a handy auto shut-off mode, Rainbow In My Room features two modes, so you can see your rainbow immediately or watch it illuminate one colour at a time. It really is a gorgeous way to brighten up bedrooms. What's more the unit itself looks pretty darn sleek and will joosh up any surface.

    The only downer is there's no pot of gold at the end of this curvy wonder (yes, we did have a quick look). But don't despair because anything that helps dispatch kids to the land of nod is completely priceless.

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