Rainbow Heat Change Mug
  • Rainbow Heat Change Mug
  • Rainbow Heat Change Mug

Rainbow Heat Change Mug

Somewhere over the rainbow

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Rainbow Heat Change Mug
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  • The most magical heat-changing mug ever
  • From black to rainbow at the pour of a kettle
  • Stays colourful for as long as your drink stays hot
  • Quite mesmerising tbh


They say you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain, and they’re right. Except, in this case, the rain is tea. Or coffee, we’re not fussy.

Pour it up and watch the bleak blackness transform into a glorious technicolour rainbow before your very eyes. And all you need to produce this multi-hued extravaganza is hot water, nothing more. Not even magic extra-sensory rainbow summoning abilities. Science rules.

But this novelty doesn’t come at the cost of quality - this thing is made of the finest sturdy, super durable ceramic with a nice big handle - none of that pinky ring stuff that makes it impossible to carry. Put your feet up, sip into something more magical, and watch a rainbow lightshow unfold before your very eyes.

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2 Reviews

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  • "My girlfriend loved it. She made happy excitement noises and proceeded to make coffee at 11pm. Didn’t sleep much that night but #worthit"
    - 30th of May, 2019
  • "Love my new work mug "
    - 27th of April, 2019