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Rainbow Cocktail Layering Tool
  • Rainbow Cocktail Layering Tool
  • Rainbow Cocktail Layering Tool

Rainbow Cocktail Layering Tool

Don't mix your drinks

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  • Stop chasing rainbows and just make one yourself
  • Combine alcohol, juices and syrup like never before
  • Slows down liquids to allow different densities to separate
  • Your cocktails will never look so beautiful
  • Feel like a batty booze alchemist


They say that you first eat with your eyes, and drinking is really no different. But trying to achieve those picturesque and beautiful cocktails has always been a painstaking task reserved only for the most skilled barmen and women. Well now you can effortlessly create these sharp and vibrant beverages with the Rainbow Cocktail Layering Tool.

Simply pour the heaviest liquid with the highest sugar content into a glass, place the layering tool onto the rim and pour in the next drink and so on until the layers have formed. This ingeniously simple instrument slows down the liquids and allows the different densities to separate creating a dazzling technicolour beauty.

Warning: You may cry a silent solitary tear of joy/rage when friends instantly ruin your refreshing colourful masterpieces.

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