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Rainbow Cake Mix
  • Rainbow Cake Mix
  • Rainbow Cake Mix
  • Rainbow Cake Mix
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Rainbow Cake Mix

You want a piece of me?

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Rainbow Cake Mix
Love it as much as we do?
  • Make your own radical rainbow cake!
  • Four intricate colourful layers made simple
  • Just add eggs, butter, frosting and milk!
  • Be the Star Baker of your Instagram feed
  • Impress your mum, colleagues, mates, and Mary Berry


Baking cute novelty stuff is fun until you realise you need five different types of food colouring, expensive tools akin to a dentist’s, and obscure ingredients that you can’t find down your local Tesco Express - chia flour, anyone?

We’ve done the work for you with this Rainbow Cake Mix! All you need to make one of those gorgeous rainbow layer cakes splashed all over social media is eggs, butter, milk, and frosting! And an oven and a tin, etc. etc. But you’ve already got all that. V convenient.

This kit makes one decadently moist four-layered vanilla-flavoured rainbow sponge, with delicious vanilla icing. It tastes amazing but it looks even better - nobody will know you cheated with a cheeky kit instead of doing it from scratch. It’s not the 1950s, ain’t nobody got time for that.
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