Rainbow Beach Ball
  • Rainbow Beach Ball
  • Rainbow Beach Ball

Rainbow Beach Ball

Insta-famous inflatable

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Sh*t Hot right now
  • Bounce your way over the rainbow
  • It’s a big ol’ rainbow blow up ball
  • Smells like summer - you know the inflatable smell I mean
  • Clouds on one hemisphere, lovely colourful rainbow on the other
  • Lob it at your mates’ faces all summer long


Blow this brilliant ball up right this second and tell us you’re not going to have a blast.

Everyone loves playing with a ball. Especially a big one with a magic rainbow inside it.

And, because it’s full of air, nobody has to deal with the bad vibes of an injury when the lads get lairy after one two many Lilts.

It even comes with a repair patch for emergency inflatable surgery, should someone impale the poor thing on a spike. By accident, of course. This ball is too cool to deliberately ruin.

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