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Radsail Power Kites
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Radsail Power Kites

Up, up and... oooh ‘eck!

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    3m in blue

    Blue 3m version

    Mary Poppins and her moppets can sing about them all they like, but the fact is: single-string kites are just a little bit pants. Especially when you compare them to the new generation of sports kites that are popping up all over the place. And if your fists are holding tight to a Radsail Power Kite, you’ll know exactly why.

    Available in 2.5m (yellow) or 3m (blue) sizes, these enormous kites grab enough wind to pull you along the ground or – if you dare – give a serious boost to your jumps. In fact, they’re the perfect introduction to all forms of traction kiting, whether it’s purely recreational, landboarding, or even buggying.

    The kit comes with all the flying lines and handles you’ll need, plus a set of instructions and a handy DVD. You’ll be boinging around the park in no time!

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