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Radio Shark 2
  • Radio Shark 2

Radio Shark 2

Complete radio control

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    Listening to the radio rocks. Well it does if you've got the nifty RadioShark 2. And that's not because this ingenious gizmo resembles a shark's fin (although thatÂ’s pretty cool). It's because it allows you to play, record and pause AM/FM radio through your computer.

    Radio Shark 2

    Radio Shark 2 program

    Yes, we know you can already listen to gazillions of radio stations on your PC via live streams, but this USB-friendly antenna lets you pause and record them in real time. It also gives you access to all those stations - however obscure - that have yet to dive into the world of streaming.

    With the RadioShark 2 you can record while you listen or set recordings to occur later. You can even 'series link' regular shows. ItÂ’s a bit like Sky+ for radio. And here's the really good bit: recordings can be added (automatically) to your iTunes library. None of this edited-highlights-podcast malarkey. You can record entire shows with songs, news, chatter, ads 'n' all.

    Radio Shark 2

    Using the RadioShark 2 is a doddle. Simply plug the fin into your USB port, load the software and, thanks to an on-screen dial, you'll be cruising the airwaves faster than you can say 'you're gonna need a bigger boat.' Indeed a complete compu-dunce could find Broadcasting From a Bedsit FM in seconds.

    Radio Shark 2

    Pet (shark) Sounds

    Of course you could always resort to the old-fashioned method of recording off the radio, but can you really be bothered fast-forwarding through oodles of tape to find your favourites? Speaking of which, RadioShark 2's software automatically identifies the songs it records and puts them into a playlist. And that certainly beats fumbling around in a box for that acoustic version of the Ace of Spades. With the RadioShark 2 listening to what you want when you want is easier than pulling your pants down. So get ordering before our entire flotilla of fins swims out of stock.

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