Radio Control Flying Pterosaur
  • Radio Control Flying Pterosaur

Radio Control Flying Pterosaur

Everyone fly the dinosaur

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    Forget those crummy old movies featuring half-naked TV actors chucking rubber spears at plastic pterodactyls. If you want to see a genuine pretend dinosaur in flight you need to get your mitts on Pterosaur.

    As well as resembling palaeontology's favourite winged lizard, this remote controlled reptile flies around by flapping its membranous wings in a highly realistic (we imagine) fashion. No really!


    Remote controlled

    Ready-to-fly straight out of the box, Pterosaur will be flapping through the air faster than you can grunt "unk umgawa" in your best caveman voice. (Yes, we know dinosaurs and humans never actually co-existed, but that didn't stop Doug McClure or Raquel Welch, so it's certainly not going to stop us).


    Portable quick charger

    Simply power-up this prehistoric polly using the portable quick charger and prepare to be amazed as it flaps around the park, swooping, soaring and turning left and right. You control the action via a smart little transmitter that's so simple to operate a troglodyte could handle it. But even if Pterosaur flaps beak-first into the ground its durable foam body should easily withstand the impact. Just make sure you avoid any giant asteroids. We hear dinosaurs hate them.

    In this era of RC planes, choppers and even dragonflies, Pterosaur is a brilliantly different flying plaything. Take him down the park and we guarantee onlookers will be fascinated. And with a control range of 100ft you could even hide in the bushes and have a complete Jurassic lark as you fool passing palaeontologists and strike fear into dumbstruck dog walkers.

    In fact Pterosaur is so alarmingly realistic in flight (in that fake dinosaur kinda way) the only thing you need to watch out for is the occasional rubber spear. Squawk!

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