Radio Control Ferrari Enzo

    Radio Control Ferrari Enzo

    Build your very own Ferrari!

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      There are countless pretenders to the title of World's Greatest Auto Marque. After all, dozens of motor manufacturers build brain bustingly exciting cars that attract fanatical followings. But no vehicle, four wheeled or otherwise, stirs passions like a Ferrari.

      Wheel detail

      The very name sets petrolhead's hearts pumping. In fact, a mere glimpse of one of these rare, blood-red beasts causes grown men to rubberneck (or in our case, feign ignorance out of sheer jealousy) and women to swoon as they drool over the predatory lines of what is, let’s face it, the sexiest car on the planet. (So why do the drivers of such magnificent beasts so often spoil things by wearing pink Polo shirts?)

      But sadly, in this life, you have to pay for your pleasure, and even the crappiest Ferrari (if there is such a thing) costs a small fortune. In fact, a clapped out old Magnum-style 308 will still set you back over twenty grand!

      Intake Manifold

      Thankfully, your magnanimous mates at Firebox have managed to track down a far more affordable Ferrari for your driving pleasure - introducing the Ferrari Enzo RC Semi-Assembled M14 Kit. Okay, so it's only 1/14 scale and you’ve got to assemble it yourself, but that's exactly what makes this gorgeously crafted, ultra-realistic RC car so desirable. Because it's so beautifully engineered, putting this handsome baby together is a cinch, and building it gives you a real working knowledge of how a precision RC car functions.

      Ferrari Enzo - some assembly required

      Controlled via a sleek pistol-style unit, this paragon of Prancing Horse perfection will provide hours of sophisticated RC fun. Digital proportional control means the car is almost as responsive as the real thing and you can easily pull off doughnuts in public without having to worry about getting your tyres let down by jealous onlookers (who…us? As if anyone here would do anything so childish). When not in use this scarlet thoroughbred looks suitably mean sitting atop a desk or shelf, and is so gorgeous to behold you'll be swooning over it constantly. This really is one bellissimo automobile. (Smug grin, naff loafers and pneumatic blonde not included).

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