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Radiator Booster Mk3
  • Radiator Booster Mk3

Radiator Booster Mk3

Winter warmer

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Sh*t Hot right now


    takes the warmth from behind the radiator

    The booster sucks up the lost heat from behind your radiator

    Although we’re typing this from the sweltering rooftop terrace of our Pacific island HQ, we do sympathise with those of you who rely on pricey central heating to keep cold at bay. Thankfully help is at hand in the unobtrusive shape of the Radiator Booster Mk3.

    The clue’s in the name because this ingenious patented device uses simple but highly effective technology to maximise the efficiency of radiators, saving you oodles of cash each year. Simply place it atop your rad, plug in and marvel as the Dragons’ Den featured Radiator Booster ‘sucks up’ lost heat from behind your radiator and gently circulates it around the room.

    Fan close-up

    Internal fan is powerful and quiet

    This efficiency means that your thermostat can be turned down by 1 to 3 degrees Celsius, saving you approximately £140 per annum. So get ordering because by our reckoning the money you save will buy the air fare to our aforementioned tropical getaway in about five years. Hot or what!

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