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Racing Grannies

Go biddy, go!

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    We've seen some daft wind-up toys in our time, but these old biddies really take the biscuit...and the nice cup of tea with a slice of Battenburg. Ooh yes, m'dearies, Racing Grannies are charming old ladies that are set to take the world of wind-up racing by storm.

    Racing Grannies Sold in pairs, each Racing Granny is equipped with a smart Zimmer frame, slippers and shopping basket. Simply wind 'em up, line 'em up and adjust their arms into 'race mode' . Then watch as your doddery old dears trundle along as fast as their little legs can carry them.

    Racing GranniesRacing GranniesRacing Grannies
    Racing Grannies make great desktop companions and their handy little baskets are perfect for storing paper clips, pins and the odd boiled sweetie. You can even use them to deliver things across the desk to colleagues. We've taken to sending sweets. And not just any old sweets but those horrible powdered jellies that pensioners seem to love.

    Racing Grannies Why not organise your very own office 'Gran' Prix and give your Racing Grannies suitably speedy names while you're at it? Here at the Firebox Retirement Lodge, Cissie Schumacher and Betty Barrichello have just competed in a right humdinger. First over the line won a tin of shortbread, a photo of Des Lynam and a blue rinse. Result!

    We honestly can't overemphasise just how hilarious Racing Grannies are - the second you see them in action you'll crack up. Best of all they're fun for all ages. Even elderly (and not so elderly) relatives will love them. Indeed Granny Firebox nearly fell off her commode when she saw them in action. So hurry up and hit Add to Cart. We reckon Racing Grannies are going to shuffle off the shelves faster than you can say 'I've juff fwallowed my falfe teef.'

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