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RM50 Internet Radio
  • RM50 Internet Radio

RM50 Internet Radio


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    RM50 Internet Radio

    Remote Control included

    Radios. You don’t hear much about them these days. It’s no surprise though – what with all those MP3s, MP4s and live streaming media, the old wireless has taken a bit of a backseat. Which is a shame really, because a gorgeous gadget like the RM50 Internet Radio can quickly and easily give you access to a wealth of spoken word, sports, music (of course), news, local and specialist radio stations.

    Remember radio stations? Doing all the hard work – like playing great songs one after another – without you having to lift a finger? Well, the RM50 gives you access to over thirteen thousand of them! Ah, now we’ve got your attention.

    RM50 Internet Radio


    How does it find so many radio stations? Well, the RM50 is WiFi enabled, so not only will it pick up traditional FM signals, it can also scour the internet on your behalf. Searching for the stations by name, theme, genre or region. No need to remember complicated wavelengths or frequencies, just follow the simple on-screen prompts and you’ll be tuned into track after track of your favourite tunes in no time. And the best part about internet radio? It’s free! No download fees, no subscriptions. Just type in what you want and start listening.

    The sleek design and simple controls make the RM50 a perfect addition to your kitchen worktop, living room shelf, or bedside table. The useful gizmo even has its own alarm features and an internal hard drive to store all of your user settings. Sound good? Not ‘alf!

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