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R/C Hoverpod
  • R/C Hoverpod

R/C Hoverpod

Get the drift?

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    Racing the Hoverpods on the dinner table

    Race at the dinner table!

    There’s nothing like lying on the floor and gliding around just a hair’s breadth above the lino, is there? That’s what Hoverpod shows us, anyway! It’s an incredible little remote-controlled hover car that’s the last word in fooling around.

    Ever since the eccentric British inventor Sir Christopher Cockerel first put pencil to pad and came up with the idea of hovercraftiness, mankind has looked to expand the idea. Ferries, rescue vehicles – the Finnish Navy even had one as a missile launcher! Hoverpod however is a strictly peace-loving gizmo. That is, if your idea of peace is banging remote controlled hovering vehicles into walls, chairs and sleeping cats…

    The Controller

    2 channel digital proportional remote control

    Once you’ve mastered the controls, the Hoverpod gives you a driving experience like nothing else: all drifts and glides. It’s made from tough, durable EPP foam that can withstand hundreds of nasty knocks. What’s really cool is that the Hoverpod doesn’t need a hard floor to work, you can actually use it on carpet too (that’s tiles not shag pile): it’s the only one of its kind that can. Bravo, Hoverpod!

    Built by WowWee, they’ve poured in all their remote control smarts to create a toy that’s tough, fantastic to drive and clever too. That’s right, clever – you can even use the controls to race more than one Hoverpod at once thanks to some smart dual channel science and the amazingly responsive digital proportional radio control.

    Charging the Hoverpod up via the controller

    Charge via controller

    So, are we just blowing hot air? What do you reckon? This is the best hover you’ll have all day, so get airborne and glide. Not too airborne, though!

    Sideviews of both the Blue and Red Hoverpods

    Sideview (from L-R): Blue and Red Hoverpods available

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