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R/C Dalek
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R/C Dalek

Doctor, Doctor, there's a Dalek in my living room!

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    Despite the inexorable march of time and technology the pantheon of sci-fi villainy is still dominated by one particularly nasty race: the Daleks. Yes, we know they look like retro pepper pots armed with sink plungers and egg whisks, but they kept an entire generation of Doctor Who fans cowering behind the sofa as they trundled across the nation's screens screeching "Ex-ter-min-ate!" whilst attempting to outfox the good Doctor in a disused gravel pit that doubled up as the Planet Skaro.

    R/C Dalek But just when you thought it was safe to switch on the telly, the Daleks are back in BBC1's brilliantly revamped Doctor Who. That's why we've been searching the universe and beyond for an R/C Dalek worthy of this all-new race of hateful mutants. And by the power of Davros, we've found one.

    R/C Dalek This beautifully-built R/C Dalek is so realistic we've had to stop running around the office yelling "O-bey!" with fists on foreheads and arms outstretched, as impersonating Daleks is seriously passé with this 12" terror on the loose. The R/C Dalek looks just like the lush copper-coloured one from the Christopher Eccleston-era episodes, but the design of his Dalekanium casing is so timeless you can pretend you're any Doctor, from Jon Pertwee to Tom Baker (who, let's be honest, were the best).

    R/C Dalek Fully licensed by the Beeb, the R/C Dalek features 360 degree rotational movement, automated (and frankly frightening) dome and eyestalk movement, flashing lights, an illuminated eye, plus posable gun and arm. Best of all the R/C Dalek is loaded up with seven sound samples, including speech and weapon blasting FX. It goes without saying that the Dalek screeches "Ex-ter-min-ate!" in all its terrifying metallic glory, but phrases such as "O-bey! O-bey!"; are equally unnerving.

    R/C Dalek You control the action via a rugged, twin toggle transmitter which features 5 buttons to trigger the various sound FX. We can't stress just how excited everyone gets when they see and hear the R/C Dalek - it really is an icon of supreme evil that no sci-fi fan should be without. So order yours now or (you guessed it) YOU WILL BE EXTERMINATED!

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