R2D2 Desk Vac
  • R2D2 Desk Vac
  • R2D2 Desk Vac

R2D2 Desk Vac

The vacuum of space

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  • Your surfaces R2 dirty, give 'em a clean
  • This desktop vacuum cleaner scoffs up your mess
  • Perfect for hoovering up salacious crumbs
  • Powered by USB, as opposed to Kenny Baker
  • Doesn't come bundled with an overtly camp protocol droid


This extremely well put-together and mighty spunky little droid is stopping by to perform a spot of maintenance on your workstation.

R2's third leg (goodness me) functions as a micro-vacuum cleaner. When he gets full you can unscrew his little domed head to empty out the dust.

The desk vac perfectly pays homage to the fact that R2 was basically a swiss-army Droid with a myriad of functions - fire extinguisher, electric prod, buzz saw, pliers, smoke screen etc. etc. We've seen exclusive behind the scenes footage of 'The Force Awakens' and he can be clearly seen hoovering the floor.

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2 Reviews

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  • "For a lottle desk vac this guy does really well genuinly a good little desk vac and very well crafted"
    Samuel - 16th of December, 2016
  • "R2 a great biscuit crumb cleaner."
    Richard - 19th of September, 2015