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R2-D2 USB Hub
  • R2-D2 USB Hub

R2-D2 USB Hub

This R2 unit is in prime condition. A real bargain.

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    R2-D2 USB Hub

    This is the USB Droid you are looking for!

    Until boffins decide to put a whole heap of USB ports on the front of every PC, we're stuck with USB hubs. But who cares about that when they're as cool as this 4-way R2-D2 shaped version.

    The R2-D2 USB Hub is a dead ringer for the galaxy's favourite astromech droid, and it's a brilliant gift for any Star Wars fan who owns a computer (as if there are any that don't).

    R2-D2 USB Hub

    4x USB ports
    (Two at the front and back)

    Simply plug in your favourite USB-friendly bits and bobs and grin in nerdish amazement as Artoo beeps and chirrups! Thankfully this particular Artoo won't jet around your office like the frankly implausible one seen in the prequels. He's content to sit around looking every inch the superstar sidekick, adding a touch of geek chic to any computer set up.

    R2-D2 USB Hub

    R2-D2 Bleeps!

    Although this supremely practical hub can't reprogram a trash compactor or tweak a hyperdrive, it's destined to make your computing life easy-PC. It'll also get you thinking about all things droid-related (if you're really bored). For instance, why can't Obi Wan remember owning any droids in Star Wars when he spent half his life gallivanting across the galaxy with Artoo and Threepio? Cynics might suspect Mr Lucas didn't really think these things through.

    If you're still reading this nonsense we can only assume you're a) heavily into R2-D2, b) really bored at work, c) looking for a quality USB hub, or d) all of the above. If the answer's d (and be honest, it is) you ought to be hitting the Buy button just about now. It is your destiny. Bleeeep oopburrrr!

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