R2-D2 Nutcracker
  • R2-D2 Nutcracker

R2-D2 Nutcracker


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    Beep B-Beep crunch!

    Never let it be said that George Lucas sold out. Because as well as producing those epic prequels, all of which spawned some truly amazing spin-off toys, he’s now lent the Star Wars name to this brilliantly low-tech R2-D2 Nutcracker.

    Not as clumsy or random as a standard nutcracker, this 7” R2-D2 is officially licensed and stands on his own painted wooden plinth. But if you're looking for something to decimate your Brazils, this is not the droid you're looking for. Hiddden behind his blue chest panel, the traditional German-style nutcracking mechanism is actually teeny! It'll even struggle to crack a pistachio.

    So why do we like it so much? Because it's the ultimate gift for the Star Wars fan who has (almost) everything! Crafted in wood (yes, wood) and painted by hand, Artoo looks good enough to display when not in use. Which will be most of the time...

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